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They get very attached the amount...

By: non-member | March 28, 2017

Caveat, I have already sent this directly to Just Junk and it has been over three weeks and they have not yet responded.

When discussing the scope of work and how much time it would take and what portion of the truck it would use, I was told two hours at $ 50.00 an hour but just to be sure I was quoted for two hours or $ 100.00 and half a truck. I didn't believe it would take half a truck but signed on the quote fully expecting as what was also discussed was that if either the time or the space was less, the final amount billed would be less. When the work was completed the next day and I went to sign the bill, after only 45 minutes I was being charged for two hours or $ 100.00 only to be told the price was $ 50.00 per half hour....the phrase "per half hour" was never uttered during the whole time the quote was being discussed. I also took issue with being charged for half a truck, see photo attached, what do you think? I would not use this company again.


1701-1285 Cahill Dr Ottawa, ON

category: Junk Removal - Service providers

The Number One Trash Hauler in...

By: discounttrashhauling | March 9, 2016

Applianceu00a0Removal & Recycling, 24/7/365 Emergency Clean-Ups, Junk, Garbage, Debris, Trash Removal, E-Waste / Electronicsu00a0Recycling, Scrap & Metal Removal, Hoardingu00a0Clean Out Services, Office Cleanout Services, Commercialu00a0/ Warehouse TrashRemoval, Demolition/ Remodeling/u00a0Construction Waste Cleanup, Furniture Removal and Donation, Estate Cleanouts, Tenant Eviction / Move Out / Foreclosure Property Cleanouts, Storage Unit / Garage Cleanouts, Carpet and Pad Removal, Property Preservation Cleanouts, Landscape Yardu00a0Debris Removal, Playgrounds, Fence Removal, Decks, Sheds, Tree House, Car Ports,n Demolitionu00a0Removalu00a0& More, Attic / Basement Cleanouts, Battery Disposal, Spring Cleaning/ Extreme Cleanout Services, Retail Store Merchandise Removal, Ground Litter Clean Up.n

discount trash hauling

1414 S Dairy Ashford Houston, TX

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Absolute Awesomness

By: millersusan | January 3, 2015

I hired these young men to help my elderly parents when they moved into an assisted living complex. Our family home was large and very full. My parents were thrilled with them. They were polite, hard working and their rates were exceptional. What impressed me most was their sensitivity towards my parents during this difficult and emotional time. My parents have said they would like to adopt them as grandsons. Kudos to these guys.

Dirty Works Junk Removal

1350 Ridgeway Dr 315 Kelowna, BC

category: Junk Removal - Service providers

Garbage drop off

By: whitelex | November 14, 2014

Hate this place. The guy who's driving their trucks hit my truck when he was backing up while he was eating his sandwich and didn't look at the mirrors. He was facing to the Jane street and I though he wants to turn left or right (no one of his light was working) but he started to move back on right on me and made a serious damage to my truck. I went to the office just to talk to them about, I was expecting that they will offer me some free drop-offs of a garbage next time, but instead of any excuses they started to yell on me like it was my fault. I was so angry and really disappointed in this place. I just left... maybe I've should call the police... I also heard from another contractors that it happened there many times and no excuses, nothing... And I'm pretty sure that their scales sometimes shows more weight then you actually have. I had a project doing same amount of doors every day. So the weight should be the same, but It was always different. One day I paid 35$ another day 70$ roughly. There's so many cheaper places and better services. So avoid using this place!!

J Romano Disposal Svc

8633 Jane St Concord, ON

category: Junk Removal - Service providers

Quotes for removal of Sony 32 inch TV

By: non-member | October 16, 2014

Got a quote by phone of $79.00 tax included. When the guys got here they wanted to charge me over $100.00 + tax. I was told that the original quote was for a smaller TV. Where is the cost by percentage of truck space? They were going to charge me more for removing the stand, told them I would take care of it. After negotiation they said that they would check with their boss and see if they could reduce the price. They decided not to call the boss and charge me $79. +tax.


5480 St-Jacques st. West Montréal, QC

category: Junk Removal - Service providers

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